Urban SwimRun: In Your Community

Swimrun...demanding multisport, yes, but it seems to be everything that triathlon is not.  Where micromanaging your nutrition, relearning your run cadence and midfoot strike, improving your swim body-position and catch, and dialing in the aerodynamics of your bike are all essential elements of the triathlete's training program, swimrun is definitely lower tech, and more primal. Instead, it is a form of adventure racing, where competitors adapt to the elements, which are generally harsher; where improvised rather than high-tech equipment prevails; where you work and strategize as a team, not just being out for yourself; where you will be humbled by scrambling, climbing, even crawling on rugged terrain; and yet, where you can connect with natural surroundings you may never otherwise see.  Unfortunately, many long course events will require evidence of success in multisport racing before you are allowed to even enter, limiting access for more everyday athletes.

But we want to change that.  Enter the "urban" version of swimrun--call it swimrun "lite".  Shorter courses. More accessible environments.  Easier terrain. Races that are more inclusive, enjoyable, less dangerous, less expensive and easier to organize. And virtually any town or city could organize one. An event that can allow participants to explore their own town in ways they never had before.

If your community is ready for an urban swimrun, consider affiliating with swimrunkelowna.com or urbanswimrunusa.com.  It will be a great way to grow the sport under one umbrella, to unify the delivery of the sport, to enhance networking of race organizers, and to allow easy access to all events on one website.  If you are interested in joining this exciting and growing sport, contact us here.  We will give you all the information you need to become an Urban SwimRun affiliate.