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After another summer of pandemic uncertainty that has actually worsened here in the Okanagan, compounded by poor air quality as a function of significant wildfires in the BC Interior, and unusually low lake levels as the result of a prolonged spring and summer drought, race organizers have again reluctantly agreed to cancel Kelowna's fourth annual swimrun event for 2021. Anyone who still had a rolled over registration from last year will be assured that it will be rolled over again to 2022.
Feel free to participate in the Kelowna Urban SwimRun as a virtual event. Any pair of participants, as a team, can do the course of their choice, on their own, keeping their own time, but without any race support from the organizers. Let us know if you complete it!
Such an informal event would, of course, be done without any formal sanction by the race organizers or the City of Kelowna, and completely at your own risk, as there are no lifeguards, race officials, or volunteers anywhere on the course at any time. You and your partner would simply have the opportunity to try the swimrun experience, much like going out with a friend for a run.  And should you complete one of the swimrun courses, and time it,  we will be happy to post the results.  Should this kind of format enhance interest in urban swimrun for 2022, check back with us next year!
Email us if you have any questions. Have fun with it!


Urban SwimRun

A Quick Primer on Swimrun

Yes, we here in the Okanagan were the first in BC to host a "swimrun"--an introductory event in September 2017.   And no, this was not an Aquathon. Rather, swimrun is the newest and fastest growing endurance sport since triathlon was introduced in the late 1970s. While it seems simpler, with just swimming and running legs, it has new challenges for the endurance athlete, especially with the many transitions from running to swimming and back to running. And there are a couple of catches: you swim in your runners, and you run in your wetsuit. Oh, and you enter as pairs, whether men’s, women’s, or mixed.  Swimrun is a team sport--so it's no longer just about you!

In recent years the big swimrun events in Europe are all about off-road and open water adventure racing, with as many as 25 transitions between water and land, a decidedly primal way of enjoying big country. Part of the attraction seems to be the lack of need for high tech, expensive equipment and a return to raw abilities—you let the environment dictate your day with unpredictable and often rocky, steep trail runs, unsettled weather, and usually cold, active open water. Those who improvise and support each other as a team, and adapt best, prevail. To get a flavor of the essence of swimrun, check out the race summary either of the 2017, 2018 or 2019 Ötillö World Championships--humbling, indeed.

Here in Kelowna, we have created an "urban" version to introduce this new sport--with flat runs and shoreline swims, perhaps we should call it swimrun "lite"--more on that here.  So check out the sprint course here and the full course here.

Cliff and Avlyn finishing their 3rd swim
Swim in Your Runners

There's many swim and run legs, so no time to take your shoes on and off, nor would you want to carry them while swimming. Just keep them on for the entire race--you will be surprised how easy it is!

Run in Your Wetsuit

Taking your wetsuit off to run is time-consuming and difficult to put back on, so just get out of the water and run with it on--just unzip it if you get too hot. 


Although not mandatory for this event, many teams elect to tether themselves together to enhance drafting and safety in the water.

Swimrun Clinics

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Try out Swimrun - for FREE! Our clinics are intended for you to get your feet wet - to try swimming in runners and running in a wetsuit, even if you have not registered for our event! For this unusual summer, we are scheduling several totally free, Sunday morning swimrun clinics for you, organized and coordinated by James and Caroline Greenwood at Innovative Fitness.

Coming back in 2021!